Sunderland University Student Storage

Your Storage Box offers one of the most affordable and convenient student storage solutions for Sunderland University.

Unlike most traditional self storage, we will come to you and collect your items, before securely storing them at our facility.

Pricing starts at £5.00 a week for a minimum of three boxes, all additional boxes are charged at an extra £1.00 a week per box.

Collection is offered throughout the North East, when booking for at least 12 weeks storage, the pricing is determined by your location but starts at £5.00 a box for the first three, before dropping to £1.00 for any additional boxes.

Re-delivery pricing is the same as collection.

If you require boxes to purchase, we can also help you with that.

Whether you just have a few boxes, or items of furniture, we can help. Find out more.

For students at Sunderland University that have a little more than just a few boxes to move or store, Your Storage Box has an innovative solution to help.

We offer Mobile Self Storage, where we will bring your secure storage vault to your address, using our specially built trailers. We will then load the storage vault for you, with all of your possessions, they typically can hold the contents of a one bedroom flat. After loading we will drive your storage vault back to our secure warehouse, where it will be stored until you want it back.

This saves you the cost of renting a van, the cost of fuel, the time it takes to pack the van, drive it, and then unload it into your storage room, and then when you want it back it does the same again.

For more information on our mobile self storage, click here.

Your Storage Box offers Man and Van hire to Sunderland University students. As well as being a very affordable service, it is also very convenient. Students typically use us to help with:

  • When moving to a self storage facility
  • When moving to a new address
  • When needing items of furniture collecting and delivering

Our Man and Van services can be used to collect items from stores such as IKEA or Costco, to deliver goods to customers as a courier service, or so much more. The only thing we do not do is dispose of any waste using these vehicles, however we have other services for this.

If you require moving to a self-storage facility, we own and operate a facility, so we can offer affordable pricing on this as well.

Many students at Sunderland University require somewhere to safely and affordably leave their car or vehicle when they are away for the summer, or any other time.

Your Storage Box offers a secure vehicle storage facility for this. You will be assigned your own car parking spot, and only registered customers ever have access to the secure facility.

Contact us today to find out more information.