Self Storage Units


You bring your belongings to our self storage facility.


You pack your storage vault.


We store your container vault in our secure storage warehouse. It can be accessed at any time during business hours by request.

Many people require self storage because they do not have space for all of their possessions at home. Self storage helps solve this, as it gives you a secure space to store your items, on a temporary or long term basis.

Our storage vaults are not fixed rooms, meaning they can be transported to wherever you would like them, without having to unload everything from the room and then reload it into your vehicle.

Each storage vault is 35 sqft. We have included a guide below that estimates how many you might need.

Storage Unit Guide


If you are moving house and require storage, Your Box Storage offers the most convenient service around.

Simply bring your items to our secure storage facility, load them into your storage unit, and we will securely store it in our warehouse.

When you need access to it, or would like to remove your items, just let us know.

Due to the nature of our storage units, or vaults as we call them, we can even deliver them back to your address.


If you need furniture storage for whatever reason, we have the perfect solutions for you. Transport your furniture to our warehouse, and load it into your storage vault yourself, or with the help of our team for an added cost.

When you need access, just let us know and we will have your unit ready for you.


Some customers just require a few boxes storing, and do not have the need to rent a storage vault. We can help with this need, even collecting and delivering your boxes for you. Find out more.

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