Furniture Storage Meadowfield

Residential Storage In Meadowfield


We bring the storage unit to your door, using a secure trailer or van.


We load your storage unit for you, using our expert team.


We return to our secure storage facility where we store your container. You can access it any time during business hours, or we can return it to your address.

Our complete mobile storage package. We will deliver your self storage unit to your house using our mobile storage solution. Our expert team will then carefully pack your items into the unit. We then return with your storage unit back to our secure storage facility, where it is placed into storage until you need it. We can even redeliver your storage unit when you want it back.


  • Save money not having to pay for transport to and from the storage facility.
  • Save time only having to load your items once.
  • Save money on storage costs. We are typically much more affordable than traditional self storage.

If you are in need of furniture storage in the Meadowfield area, Your Storage Box have you covered. We will come to your address and carefully pack all of your belongings into our secure storage crates, whilst keeping an inventory checklist so we know what items are in which crate. Upon completion we will then transport your items back to our secure warehouse, where they will be kept in storage until you request their return.

We offer some of the most affordable pricing in the industry, with no hidden extra fees. We typically charge by the storage unit to pack your items, and then by the week or month for storage depending on how long you need it for.

There are many reasons why people in Meadowfield use us for storing furniture and other household or office items. When people have renovations on their houses, it is much easier to have us store furniture, than try and cram it all into one room, or you might not even have a room to put it in if the whole house is being renovated. When people are moving house they sometimes have a gap between leaving one house and moving into the other, so our furniture storage in Meadowfield is a great solution for them. Similarly if your business is moving and you have assets to store we can help.

We have no time limit on how long we can store your items for, it could be a day, a week, a year or longer. The only thing is that you will have to request in advance for access to your goods while they are in storage, as they are stored in our secure warehouse near Meadowfield with no public access. Unlike most companies, we can move your crates to a secure area so you can access your items if you need.

If you have your own means to transport your furniture to us, you are more than welcome to. Most people in Meadowfield, use our removal vehicles and we will come to you to pack your goods and place them directly into your storage crates.


Note there are additional charges for delivery and loading of storage units.

£65 per storage unit loading fee

£60 per trip transport fee (note we can only bring a maximum of three storage units per visit)

The prices for re delivery of storage units are the same.

Weekly Self Storage Cost£

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